Un saluto a Pierluigi Alinari che si congeda dall'attività

Un saluto a Pierluigi Alinari che si congeda dall'attività lavorativa e il benvenuto all'Ing. Pinto in PLA.

miércoles 28 febrero 2018

The founder of the company, P.L.A., Pierluigi Alinari, after 48 years of activity in the industry of the Italian and European motor home, on his 83rd birthday, has decided to retire from his working career.
He is considered one of the pioneer of this sector. After having started off as body supplier for the motor home in 1970, he then took over in the 1980 the CI International, then he took part in the foundation of Mc-Louis in 1999, and later, from 2001, he fulfilled the role of vice-president of Sea Spa, where in 2002 he founded other two factories: Joint camping car and Dream Motocaravan. In 2005 he stopped his collaboration with Sea and in 2010, at the age of 75, he decided to set up, ex novo, a new motor home company, PLA Spa, and in 2014 it has been the takeover of Giottiline srl. It’s mainly due to him the creation of the “valdelsana motor home valley”, as well as the development of the whole consequent spin-off. Pierluigi, during his entire life, has fulfilled many different valuable roles in some of the most important associations of the motor home sector both Italian and European and political and social positions in his homeland, “an entrepreneur engaged in politics”, as he likes to describe himself.

The Rapido Group, reaffirming the willingness to keep on investing in the future development of the company, which has been acquired no more than two years ago, has brought in Dr. Giuseppe Pinto who is the new General Director and CEO of PLA S.p.A., managing both, PLA and Giottiline brands.

The whole company would like to say warmly goodbye and thanks to Pierluigi Alinari for the passion, dedication and creativity that he has ever has during his entire career and to wish to the new CEO, Ing. Giuseppe Pinto, a wealthy future full of success in his new adventure in the sector of the tourism en plein air.